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Inu 'Otai

Watermelon Kisses 'Otai

Watermelon Kisses 'Otai

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We like to call this The King of all 'Otai flavours. You will find this flavour to be popular in most Tongan households. Traditional 'Otai is thick chunks of fruits although it's a drink typically we use a spoon to each the fruit that will sit on the bottom of your cup. We have the pleasure of recreating this flavour by adding other ingredients to truly let the watermelon flavour shine. 

The components that make up this drink is juicy watermelon, sweetness of fresh pineapples with a touch of mango and also a freshly grated coconut giving you that tropical feel. We use a dash of cream and sugar to taste.

FUN FACT: Watermelon keeps you hydrated and helps improve your heart health. It can help relieve muscle soreness and great for your skin and hair.

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