Inu 'Otai is a mixture of tropical fruit drink from the island Kingdom of Tonga.  'Otai embellishes Tongan culture, representing the four core values of the Kingdom.
Respect ( fefaka'apa'apa' aki), Charity (feveitokai'aki), Humility (lototoo) & Loyalty (tauhi vaha'a).
As a family-owned business, we want to share our drink that brought our family together; both in the kitchen & in celebration. Inu 'Otai brings back great memories; in remembrance of our grandmothers, mothers & aunties who would make 'Otai for the family. Inu 'Otai has brought great memories & we know you will create your own memories as you share & enjoy our product 
Ofa 'atu, 
Inukiha'angana Family